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Developing interests and hobbies as a career

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Developing interests and hobbies as a career

Shitai Shan

He has never attended university, but with years of work experience, he has developed 56 patent projects; He has also sold cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, fast food, and hardware In his opinion, these things are all laying a solid foundation for future entrepreneurship; When he was young, he once had a dream of going public with Shi Huashan, the chairman of the board of directors of Jiangmen listed company Deer Hanyu, and was also a core technical force of Deer Hanyu.

He is Shi Mount Taishan, the younger brother of Shi Huashan and the general manager of Jiangmen Shuotai Electric Appliance, an entrepreneur who takes the hobby of technology research as a career.

Shi Mount Taishan's father is a craftsman and intellectual, his brother is a "technology maniac" and a listed entrepreneur, and he has two younger sisters, one of whom is a factory in Jiangmen that specializes in laser cutting, the other of whom is a designer in a construction company in Xiamen. In such a family that advocates manual work and has a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, Shi Mount Taishan naturally also has the personality of loving science and seeking truth.

Now, he has returned to his original intention and is passionate about technological innovation. He is determined to push his independently developed pipeless massage water pump to the market, sparking a wave of technological innovation in the bathroom industry.

1. Diligent study of technology

In 1993, at the age of 19, Shi Mount Taishan finished high school in Longyan, his hometown in Fujian. The college entrance examination that year was a pity for him. His college entrance examination results were not ideal, and he was still a few points away from his favorite college of finance and economics, so he was not eligible for college. At that time, Shi Huashan, his brother who worked in Jiangmen Jinling Washing Machine Factory, heard the news that his brother was "out of the list", and then found a job for his brother in Zhongshan Outsourcing Factory, a spare parts supplier of Jinling Washing Machine Factory. As a plastic mold worker, with a serious, knowledge seeking and diligent attitude, Shi Mount Taishan broke into his own small world there.

At first, Shi Mount Taishan was just a technical "little white". While carefully and meticulously creating his mold "works", he also liked to communicate with the teachers in the factory, listen to their experience, and then repeatedly hone. In addition to accumulating practical experience, Shi Mount Taishan also took the initiative to go to Wuyi University to carry out training, learn mold specialty, enhance theoretical knowledge, and thus developed a solid technical foundation.

During the two years of working in the outsourcing factory, due to his outstanding performance, he was promoted from an unknown worker to a production supervisor, managing more than 100 people, and his monthly salary increased from 300 yuan to 1600 yuan. However, this is only the first step on Shi Mount Taishan's ideal road, and he is not satisfied with the "assembly line" process of mold making.

"What I really want to learn is design, which is how a thing is created." Shi Mount Taishan said that his work philosophy is just different from that of ordinary workers. Diligent practice of mold making is not only to get higher wages, but also because of a dream in his heart, the entrepreneurial dream he agreed with his brother, and a listed company of his own.

2. Pay close attention to production quality

In 1995, Shi Huashan, Shi Mount Taishan's brother, founded Huajian Electrical Appliance Factory in Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City (hereinafter referred to as "Huajian") to produce wire harnesses. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, Huajian was just a rudimentary factory building, transformed from a 200 square meter old elementary school in Dongfeng Township, with a monthly rent of 500 yuan and only 7 employees in the factory.

In 1996, due to the lack of experience of the technical supervisor recruited in the factory, the wire inside the wiring harness was broken during terminal punching. Huajian had to fully recycle the defective products and rework them, leading to a crisis in the company's operations.

In order to help my brother, it was on stage who resolutely resigned from the outsourcing factory and took on the responsibility of Huajian's production quality. It took a full three months to rework more than 10000 sets of wire harnesses, and successfully overcame this "quality crisis". Speaking of those days, Shi Mount Taishan was still trembling. He said: "The problematic harness was intact on the surface and passed the factory inspection, but in fact, the wire inside the harness was broken. I still remember working overtime with workers every day. Although it was hard, it was very fulfilling."

During this period, Shi Mount Taishan also wrote to the State Administration of Taxation, pleading for tax preference, which has lightened the burden on enterprises.

In 1998, Huajian officially changed its name to Hanyu. Shi Mount Taishan said that "Han" indicates the Han nationality. Combining the word "Yu" in the vast universe, it means that the scale of the enterprise is expanding and growing healthily.

3. Show innovative charm

In 2002, Hanyu's business was on the right track. Shi Mount Taishan had the idea of starting his own business. He founded Shuotai Electric Appliance, mainly to research, develop, improve and innovate water pump products, and turn his hobby into a business.

In 2005, Shi Mount Taishan officially left Hanyu. After leaving Hanyu, Shi Mount Taishan took care of Shuotai Electric Appliances as well as diversified businesses. He accumulated capital flow by selling sugar, tobacco, wine, and fast food, while producing hardware and manufacturing motor shaft cores to sell. Shi Mount Taishan said that at that time, the company was laying the foundation and could make millions of motor shafts every month.

The "side business" is playing smoothly, and the "main business" is not idle either. In 2008, when reminded by friends, Shi Mount Taishan found that the company's products matched the function of the water pump in the foot bath basin, and more and more people were equipped with bathtubs at home. Most bathtubs on the market were pipe pumps, which were easy to inhale dirt such as hair and scale, and had a low hygiene index, especially some bathtubs that had not been used for a long time attached a lot of dirt in the pipes. In addition to common hygiene issues, bathtubs on the market also have safety issues. Due to the suction power of the pipeline water pump in the bathtub, when the user's hair is sucked into the pipeline, drowning incidents may occur.

Later, Shi Mount Taishan and his team began to improve the bathtub water pump non-stop, constantly researching, developing and experimenting, and launched the first subversive product in the bathroom industry - the no pipe series massage pump in 2011, replacing the waterway delivery pipeline of the traditional water pump. The entire water delivery system has no residual water, no odor, and no bacterial breeding source, ensuring clean and sanitary water quality. The live part of the product is completely separated from the water contact part, allowing the product to operate in water for a long time and improving safety performance.

"In order to make the product more perfect, we try all kinds of methods, even when we are asleep, we will share them with the team to discuss and test." Shi Mount Taishan said that in order to solve the problem of large suction of traditional pipe pumps, he opened many small holes around the massage nozzle 360 degrees, each of which emits a small flow of water, reducing the suction of the pump on small objects.

With the efforts of Shi Mount Taishan, Shuotai Electric Appliances has demonstrated its innovative charm. It is reported that at present, Shuotai Electric has a total of 56 patent projects, including 12 inventions, 42 utility models, and 5 appearances. Shuotai Electric's pipeline free massage pump series, which is mainly designed and developed by Shuotai Electric, has accumulated more than 30 national patents, and has won the "Jiangmen City 2015 Science and Technology Award" and the "Made in China Beauty Award for 2015-2016". With this product, Shuotai Electric has established cooperative relationships with multiple well-known brands both domestically and internationally.

"The development of enterprises will also be sluggish, but I also insist on it, perhaps because of my personal hobby. I just like motor design. Although the sales volume last year was only about 8 million yuan, it has doubled compared with the year before last, which is a great encouragement for us." Talking about the development prospects of the company, Shi Mount Taishan is full of confidence. He said that citizens are still not very open to the consumption concept of bathtubs, I believe that a small home area cannot accommodate a bathtub, but the specifications of bathtubs vary and can meet the different needs of consumers. Therefore, it is actually because citizens have not yet cultivated their consumption habits towards bathtubs, and the future development prospects of the bathroom industry are very broad.

Always focused on the research and development, improvement, and innovation of water pumps
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